Defensores de la Naturaleza Foundation

Fundación Defensores de la Naturaleza is the environmental organization with more years of experience in Guatemala, it has been administrating and carrying out conservation activities for more than 28 years.  It is considered that its work has contributed to the conservation of 80% of the flora and fauna species reported in Guatemala, and to the management of more than 87 water sub-basins that supply water to more than 500,000 inhabitants.  At present it is responsible for the protection and management of four protected areas in the country: Sierra de las Minas Biosphere Reserve, Bocas del Polochic Wildlife Refuge, Sierra del Lacandón National Park, and Naciones Unidas National Park.  Defensores has been working in the creation and management of private and municipal protected areas, mainly in the dry pine forest of the Motagua Valley.  The work of Defensores has helped to the conservation of the biological richness and integrity in more than 5% of the national territory, an area almost the double in size of the department of Guatemala. It also encourages and supports regional conservation initiatives.